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Player Ratings: NYCFC 4-0 RSL

RSL looked listless in New York City.

MLS: Real Salt Lake at New York City FC Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Rimando - 5 Rimando made four saves and had four goals scored on him. It’s hard to point the finger at him, but he did not have a great game either.

Adam Henley - 4 Henley made his first start for RSL and didn’t have the same type of performance he had against Vancouver, but he didn’t play horribly by any means. He did lose track of the runner once or twice, one of which led to a goal.

David Horst - 5 Horst did not have an incredible game, but none of NYCFC’s goals went directly through him.

Justen Glad - 3.5 Glad lacked sharpness and committed the penalty at a critical time to but New York firmly in control. He gave the ball away uncharacteristically and made some ill-timed steps. This is one of the only times he has ever looked outmatched.

Brooks Lennon - 4.5 This was a game in which Lennon playing out of position showed. He was unable to keep things under control down his side and got beat more than once.

Kyle Beckerman - 5.5 Beckerman had an odd clearance which gave NYC their first goal, but besides that he was one of the few RSL players showing some control.

Damir Kreilach - 4.5 Kreilach started the game pushing into New York’s end of the field, but quickly retreated to the midfield and had difficulty helping RSL maintain possession.

Albert Rusnak - 5.5 Rusnak created a few chances, but nobody was able to finish them.

Jefferson Savarino - 4.5 Savarino created some good looks for RSL as well, but also played selfishly at times. He tried to get past multiple defenders and more often than not lost the ball.

Luis Silva - 5 Silva had a great look to score early in the game, but squandered the chance. It would have changed the feel of the game.

Corey Baird - 5.5 Baird was putting in the effort but spent a disproportionate amount of time playing defense. He was unable to get much going on offense because of that.


Pablo Ruiz - 6 Ruiz came on and had a beautiful shot that Sean Johnson was able to stop, but for his RSL debut he looked decent.

Alfredo Ortuño - 5 Ortuño came on in a nearly impossible situation and couldn’t do much to help RSL work themselves back into the match.

Bofo Saucedo - 6 Saucedo brought a good amount of energy when he came on and had a couple half chances to score. He could have done better with one of them to be sure, but in the short amount of time he was on the field he was a sliver of light.