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The Royals FC Show (7) : Royalty enters the RioT

The first home game ever!

Utah Royals FC played their first ever home game. While the result was disappointing, the RioT was bumping. 19,203 were in attendance for this game alone, while the other 3 games this weekend combined featured just under 22,000 visitors. Such a large number also beat out seven MLS games for attendance this weekend including games against out rivals in Kansas City and Colorado.

Amy Rodriguez played! Making her first appearance minus 60 minutes in the last two years. It has been 265 minutes since we last scored a goal. What’s the cause of this problem? And more importantly, how can we fix it.

This weekend URFC take on the top team in the NWSL, the North Carolina Courage who have 4 wins in 4 games, outscoring opponents 7-2. How can the Royals get points on the road?

We break down all of these things, plus more in episode #7 of the Royals FC Show.

Also, are you sunburned? Wirtjo wants to see your sunburns. His are bad. And gross.