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RSL vs Colorado: What we learned

All wrapped up and topped with a bow

MLS: Colorado Rapids at Real Salt Lake Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Colorado gifted us this game with their poor discipline, and we’ll take it! A clean sheet feels so very nice. A win against Colorado at home. A notch up on the Rocky Mountain Cup. This one feels pretty good.


Did you see our injury list? That thing goes on and on. But there’s a neat side to that, as well: young guys and depth players get a chance to come out and show what they’re made of, and when you’re fighting for some recognition, a place on the field, a chance to prove you belong, you leave it all out there.

Nick Besler did that tonight. He was all over the pitch, showing up in unexpected places, and doing everything right. It was a thing of beauty to watch. Sure, Colorado tied their own foot behind their back and we weren’t tested defensively as much as we might have been, but put that aside. He had a killer match and he should be damn proud.


We put in three! How great does that feel? A couple of guys who really needed it were able to take home a ball; hopefully they start rolling and pick up some momentum. This team has what it takes. The skill is there. Now it’s time to find our form and show this league what we’re capable of. Now’s the time to grab ahold and keep driving forward.


Jefferson Savarino and Brooks Lennon are working marvelously together. I love what they’re able to do on that right side of the field. And Savarino’s decision making matched his work ethic tonight. Excellent.

Damir Kreilach is starting to click out there. I’m excited to see what happens when Luke is healthy and both he and Sunny are able to challenge Kreilach for that spot.

Everything that flows through Albert Rusnák is gold. I’m not sure anyone can ever take the place of Javier Morales in my heart, but the more we get Rusnák on the ball, the better we look.

Can this defense hold up against a full-strength team? We’ll see.


The Colorado Rapids are really excited for the NBA playoffs; I think they forgot what sport they’re playing.

If you call the center back a centre-half, we can’t be friends. I don’t hate you or anything, but you are not welcome at my dinner table. Go annoy someone else with your annoying terminology (and yes, I get the history, so no pedantic ramblings, please).

Danilo Acosta just can’t seem to do anything right. I’ll bet he could use help moving his couch into that dog house if you’re up for it.