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Royals FC Show (8) : RMC, Rants, and Royals.

Lets prune some thorns on Saturday.

It’s episode 8 already!!!

We want to thank everyone so much for the support so far, it’s been incredible, but we really want more and more of your feedback. We want multiple fan comments and questions making it into every episode, if possible, so be sure to tweet at us: @rslshow, @wirtjogets2yell, @sirveaux24, @cinderL9, or use the hashtag #RFCShow on Twitter.

You can also hit us up on Facebook following the RSL Show, or if email is your preferred method of communication, that also works:

Wirtjo wants to do some short fan interviews this summer, and a lot of them, so please let us know if you want to be involved.

In this one, the group spends a few minutes talking about the glory of the Rocky Mountain Cup, and a very quick debrief of the Monarchs game in which they took their first loss of the season.

In other notes, there’s a lot of exciting things coming up in terms of the Utah Royals. We talk about a four-game stand at home, potential roster shake-ups and our feelings about them, and what is most likely to be the first rivalry game in the Royals’ history against the Portland Thorns this weekend. Wirtjo also tries to be funny and is really just a jerk, but Cindy and Ryan land some zingers later in the show. It’s a bit of a long one; hope you enjoy it.