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RSL SHOW (99) - TFC and Allen Chapman

What do we think is going wrong for RSL right now? Besides Allen Chapman? Let’s talk about it.

These are our least favorite episodes to do, but there’s always a ton to talk about. We really didn’t intend to talk about Allen Chapman as much as we do here, but it probably deserves it. In our opinion, he should never officiate an RSL match again. We get pretty into it.

Other than Mr. Chapman, the TFC match was frustrating and exposed, more clearly, weaknesses that we’ve seen throughout the season thus far. Mike talked about it in the post game very vaguely, he knows what is wrong and he’s gonna fix it — but what does all that mean? We give our three things that we think are ailing RSL at this point in the season and some things that we would like to see change for this weekend against VWFC.

We also go through some questions, which are mostly related to the TFC match.