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Let’s talk: What’s RSL’s one biggest problem right now?

Mike Petke said he knows what needs fixing at RSL. Let’s talk about it.

MLS: Real Salt Lake at Toronto FC Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Real Salt Lake has problems.

The depth of those problems, of course, is up for debate. Nobody’s denying they exist, but for some, RSL is in major need of a revamp, and for others, there are only small tweaks needed.

There, we have a point of agreement amongst everybody: There are problems that need to be solved.

For a bit of a thought experiment, I’d like to propose something: Let’s find one thing that needs to be fixed. See, I’ve got this working theory about RSL’s problems. Whether you (or I) think the problems are plentiful or singular, one change might be enough to make everything snap together. I don’t know what that problem is, but I’d posit that we’re seeing a slew of symptoms for one underlying cause.

The thing I’d like to ask, with that in mind: If there is one problem, what is it? And maybe it’s just a hypothetical, and really, there are several problems which must be solved for RSL to be successful.

Let’s talk.