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Royals FC Show (4) - Recap, Zlatan Finds Love and Ryan Presses a Button.

A draw with the Dash, international games, and filling the RioT for the home opener.

It’s Episode 4 of the Royals FC show!

In this one its Cindy’s turn to take the lead. Doing so, we breakdown some of the action from Week 2 in the NWSL including a recap of the Royals FC vs Dash match. We wish a couple of players happy birthday, vent about Allen Chapman, the ethics of RSL fans adopting the viking clap, (something we really want to hear your thoughts on), Wirtjo gives his really, really horrible and just plain stupid opinion about the home kit, and Ryan briefly talks about continuing to boycott Ronaldo, despite the beautiful goal against Juventus. We conclude by talking about Royals internationals and their matches, as well as previewing the Red Stars visit for the home opener on April 14th. Discussions about a hypothetical Zlatan Ibrahimovic WWE crossover and dating reality TV show also somehow seep there way into the conversation.

Also, it was Ryan’s turn to hit a button.

We’d love to hear from you about anything relating to the Royals or about the show in general. Send all questions and/or feedback to: or tweet at us.

Thanks for listening!

- Ryan, Cindy, & Wirtjo

For what it’s worth.