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Utah Royals FC primary gold kits: A Love Letter

They are available for supporters to own, and they are beautiful.

Utah Royals FC Primary Kit

After work on Wednesday, I made the trip to the team store inside Rio Tinto Stadium to purchase my very own Utah Royals FC primary jersey. After making sure I could get the player customization that I wanted, I waited for that to be applied and walked out a very happy supporter. Let’s have some pictures!

Front of jersey
Commemorative patch on lower left.

I have seen these in person before, but it was inside the team locker room and I didn’t dare look too long or touch it. I do remember that the URFC secondary logos on them weren’t there before. It’s a nice touch that makes these first ones even more unique.

Player name and number customization

I had to get my favorite player’s name and number added to the back, something I’ve never done for Real Salt Lake. Yet.

The first thing I checked when I got a close look at it was to make sure the striping is blue and not black. Sometimes it’s hard to tell in the pictures, but it’s definitely the same cobalt blue that is on the narrow side panels. The numbers and sponsor logos are black though.

I’ve really liked these since the first pictures came out online, even though they are similar to a few other kits in the league because Nike can be a lot like Adidas when it comes to using templates. Still, the colors are unique and fit in with the whole RSL Family’s look. I’m happy to finally have one of my own, and excited to wear it to the RioT twelve times this year.