My thoughts of RSL vs. Vancouver

I decided to keep a running log of my thoughts during the RSL-Vancouver game. It reads as follows.

I’m writing this in the 39th minute of the RSL vs. VAN game. Demar Phillips left in the 10th. And we just lost Marcelo Silva. 2 more injuries to a back 4 that has already lost 5 players. RSL has 1 sub left, an absolutely battered back 4, and it’s not even the second half. RSL is in a dire place.

One positive thing to note is the surprisingly deep amount of a— oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh you guys never mind RSL scored you guys WE’RE WINNING!! Luis Silva’s shot takes a deflection in the 3rd minute of stoppage time for his 28th MLS goal, and all of a sudden Real is heading into the halftime break with a lead, for once.

As I was saying, it’s surprising to me that even with 7 defensive injuries we can still just go to the bench and put in as good of a player as David Horst. But this is still not ideal.

Adam Henley has been impressive, if I’m honest. He did make a really rash challenge near the half hour mark that resulted in a silly yellow card, but otherwise, I really like his connection with our midfield.

I’m really proud of the fact that RSL is leading the game in Shots. I’ll be honest, I’ve been way worried about our offense.

Ok, why do the Royals commercials have to be like this? Rachel Platten’s single Fight Song is an ok song, i’ll give it that. But it has no place in a commercial for a Professional

Sports Team. I get that Rachel Platten is coming to perform for the Royals’ home opener, (which I also don’t like) but I feel like that song just cheapens the commercials and screams: "We’re a women’s team!!!"

Anyway, the second half is about to start. And Dunny just made a Seabiscuit reference. And we’re winning. Life is good.

Oh no.

Rusnak is limping. But he seems to be ok. A few minutes later he nearly notches an assist, but Silva puts it over the bar from the top of the box.

Alphonso Davies vs Brooks Lennon is one of the most exciting individual matchups in a while.

RSL and Vancouver trade meaningless free kicks. Meanwhile RSL grows more secure in their lead, as the time ticks away.

Kamara very very nearly flicked in a ball from the penalty spot on the corner kick for Vancouver, and wanted a penalty, but he won’t get it. This game is very physical.

Tick tick tick. 72’ minutes into the game and RSL is still playing the possession game.

Duuuuude Luis Silva just totally shoved Davies over as they went for a header. Right in front of the ref. Totally obvious shove. No yellow. The inconsistency in this game, referee wise, is really annoying.

82’ minute, and Sunny is in for Luis Silva. I really don’t know how I feel about Sunny. I don’t think he’s a good choice for the club, honestly. I don’t trust him to put in a full effort every time.

88’ RSL Scores!!!

Kreilach plays a beautiful through ball to Corey Baird, who slides it across goal and Savarino slots it home!! This is the first time in 2018 that Real has scored twice in a match and this should wrap it up. If my mental math is right, we now have a GD of -3. Not great, but at least we ain’t Seattle.

Oh dear. I shouldn’t have written that thing about the GD. Break Shea just scored a Volley. 2-1 in favor of RSL. Really pretty goal by Brek Shea actually, and I’m a bit nervous. There should be about 30 seconds left in stoppage.

Oh thank heavens. RSL takes the dub. 3 points at home against a really good Vancouver team.

So, game in review:

Philipps and M. Silva take injuries, as yet undiagnosed.

L. Silva with a beautiful goal just before half.

Kreilach impressed offensively after doubts by fans.

Baird gets an assist!

Savarino gets a goal, and earned back my favor.

And also Brek Shea just made the coolest volley I’ve seen since- oh wait never mind, Zlatan did that thing last week

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