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URFC vs. Orlando, Player of the Match: Desiree Scott

The Winnipeg native continues to live up to the “Destroyer” nickname.

Desiree Scott
Lucas Muller

On tape, it seemed that Desiree Scott may not have made a major impact upon the game. However, on paper, the story is very different. The Canadian finished the game with a passing accuracy of 73% and held down the game high for both teams with five tackles, while not conceding a single foul. Several of these tackles were of extreme importance as it allowed for a quick transition to the counterattack.

Scott has started all seven games and played all 630 minutes this season. It’s easy to see that Laura Harvey trusts Scott in the midfield.

Other Contenders

Diana Matheson - While unable to score a goal like in the last game, Diana looked to be a primary target out on the right wing, running endlessly and dangerously until she would be subbed out.

Katrina Gorry - She continues to prove herself as a powerhouse in the midfield creating three chances and three tackles.

Brooke Elby - Moved up and down the flanks a lot and did an incredible job limiting the attacking threat of Sydney Leroux despite her swapping wings.

Rachel Corsie - Also had a fantastic game, owning the most touches of either team with 98 and completing 79% of her 90 passes.