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Royals FC Show (11) : Wear sunscreen, be careful kids, Houston Dash Preview, and other nuggets of wisdom.

Lucas Muller

It’s episode 11! We have an official Twitter now. Lots and lots of exciting things coming up not only in this episode, but look for unique special releases coming in the next few weeks.

The Utah Royals FC has six, yes SIX, different players who have signed up to be on the roster for Playing For Pride. How it works is that every player on the roster donates $5 a game, $4 for an assist, and then $6 per goal to the Human Rights Campaign. Some fans are matching players to contribute to a good cause. Here’s the link if you have further interest. On that note, we don’t like Eddie Robinson the new assistant coach for the Houston Dash as a person, at all.

Additionally, we had a lot of awesome questions come in for this episode, so we spend a lot of time at the end going over some of your thoughts.

Public Service Announcement: Saturday’s game is at 1:30 PM. Don’t be like Wirtjo, wear sunscreen.

Thanks for all the continued support and love. As always don’t hesitate to reach out to us at @RFCShow, @wirtjogets2yell, @sirveaux24, @cinderL9, or use the hashtag #RFCShow on Twitter. You can also hit us up on Facebook following the RSL Show, or if email is your preferred method of communication, that also works: