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Tymrak gets her first goal and first start in URFC vs Dash

Second ever home win for Utah Royals thanks to Erika Tymrak

Erika Tymrak and Amy Rodriguez
Cindy Lara - RSL Soapbox

Another game for Utah Royals FC obviously meant another win. Before we get into the most recent URFC win, thank you to the 8,000+ fans who came out and supported Utah Royals FC in Sandy. The atmosphere that has been created for the players is incredible for the brand new team.

This game was a bit of a rollercoaster. For much of the first half, it felt like Houston was incredibly dangerous. They got a good amount of opportunities and were drawing fouls left and right. At one point, Brooke Elby of the Royals even got a yellow card. Although the Royals were having their fair shot at chances as well, there was a bit of an unsettling feeling about it.

Then in the 37th minute, the Royals earned a penalty kick. Diana Matheson took the kick and ultimately it was saved by Dash goalkeeper Jane Campbell. This sent the teams into halftime 0-0 and with 45 minutes to try and get a goal.

In the second half, the Royals seemed to be much more dominant. With 63% possession for the game, they were able to keep the ball really well and got 18 shots off in comparison to Houston’s 7. Then, finally, in the 51st minute, Royals midfielder Erika Tymrak, who was starting for the first time, got her first goal as a Utah Royal. This goal would ultimately be the difference between the two teams and was what got the Royals their second ever home win.