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RSL vs Philadelphia: What we learned

We really miss Tony

MLS: Real Salt Lake at Philadelphia Union Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The game started out exciting and wide open as both teams played box to box. Then things fell apart for RSL, and the rest is in the scoreline.


It is zero surprise how Philadelphia play. None. High pressure, counter, and strike. They have some fast players and work hard. It’s how they’ve played every match this season. It’s worked at times (like tonight) and they’ve been punished for it (unlike tonight).

We did not come in prepared to do what was necessary. They played the game their way and stomped us. We weren’t ready. Execution was off.

Outside Backs

Absolutely our weakness. We were mangled tonight on the wings. Henley was undisciplined, often overcommitted, and made slow, poor decisions. Ruiz just seems lost in the back. He plays hard and has a great work-rate, but it isn’t where he fits best.

Get well, Tony. Get well.

Now what?

We need to win everything at home. If this is how we play on the road, every point at home is a hunk of gold ore, and if the hundreds of hours I’ve put into Skyrim are anything to go by, it takes more than one hunk of gold to make an ingot, so draws just aren’t good enough.

We must win at home.


Some good bits

Bofo’s assist to Kreilach was nice, especially the communication among Bofo, Rusnák, and Kreilach. Plus, Bofo didn’t give up to keep that ball and make the pass.

Rimando makes magic. He can’t do everything, but he’s swell to watch.


Why couldn’t Philadelphia have gone down a man? That’s when we play our best! It should be a requirement.

At least we have the USA in the World Cup in a few weeks to take our minds off things!!!—or not ☹. Sigh. Soccer’s hard right now. Go Switzerland?

Acosta needs a pep talk. Someone send him my way for a heart-to-heart.

Tony Beltran could benefit from a Cure Moderate Wounds spell. Someone get on that.

What the hell’s a doop? Is it some kind of sandwich?