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Royals FC Show (9) : Order in the court, commemorating Kalaukoa, Thorns, and more.

From controversy to royalty, we break it all down.

There’s a lot to talk about this week, and we mean a lot. We specifically want to talk about the statement made by the Court SG. While Wirtjo is the only one who sits in that section and isn’t involved outside of it being where he sits, the statements made created problematic backlash directed towards all Royals fans from across the entirety of the NWSL. We, as a show, and really as an entire fanbase (minus one person), want to make extremely clear that we condemn the original statement, applaud the follow-up statement, and endorse the fact that everyone is and always will be welcome at the RioT.

We also talk a little bit about the passing of Lo’eau LaBonta’s brother. We were able to have a moment of silence in the 9th minute while holding our scarves up, and thank you so much to the Rose City Riveters for joining us in that moment despite the aforementioned fiasco.

Among other things, we also talk about the game and Amy Rodriguez making Utah Royals history by scoring the first ever home goal, a scouting report of the Washington Spirit on Saturday, the Monarchs opener, and RSL injuries.

Full Disclosure: We had some problems with Cindy’s mic in this one that we didn’t find out until we had all parted ways for the week. We decided ultimately that we would rather push out an episode with a few problems than not give you an episode at all this week. We promise we’ll be back with better quality next week, but we really hope that you enjoy this one.

As always, thanks for listening.

We highly recommend every Royals fan read this.