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URFC vs. Dash, Player of the Match: Erika Tymrak

First start, first goal.

Erika Tymrak
Cindy Lara - RSL Soapbox

At the beginning of the season it was thought by many, including myself, that Erika Tymrak would be bagging many more minutes than she currently has been. In what was both her 100th NWSL appearance overall after originally claiming the Rookie of the Year Honor in 2013, she made her first start for the Utah Royals after four substitute appearances. She certainly made the most of her chances, illustrating as she stated in the soon-to-be-released interview with the Royals FC Show, that the best part of her game is her “technical skill and ability to take on players 1 v 1.”

Other Contenders

Becky Sauerbrunn - As has become the usual, the captain jumped into multiple crosses and shots throughout the game stopping attacking opportunities from the Dash.

Gunny Jonsdottir - While she had certainly seen a dip in form, against the Dash, she was all over the place drawing multiple fouls and free kick opportunities while also delivering several key passes.

Amy Rodriguez - A-Rod was unable to finish several chances, but her ability to create the space which allowed for those shots was impressive and hopefully an indicator for bright things to come. Additionally, the light tap to Erika Tymrak creating the assist showed brilliant awareness.

Attacking Cohesion - All year the attacking cohesion seems to have been the biggest limiter on the Royals ability to grab points. As illustrated by this game, it seems that those winds may be changing and a higher press style of play with it.