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Let’s Talk: What’s going on at RSL?

A penny for your thoughts — one measly, worthless penny.

MLS: Los Angeles FC at Real Salt Lake Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesdays are for drama, apparently.

Albert Rusnak is our latest culprit, injecting what promised to be a normal Tuesday in May (a bit of sun, a bit of rain) with some drama that simply isn’t becoming of our club.

So, uh. Yeah, about that.

I hope you took the time to listen to that song, because it’s great. Just perfect. It’s probably Marvin Gaye’s best album, and it’s certainly a very political one. Anyway, that’s not really the point, even if it does help smooth things over a bit mentally. (“Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology” is the best song on the album, though.)

What’s going on at Real Salt Lake? I said earlier today that something was rotten in the state of Utah, and I have a little list of things that are giving me that sense.

  • This Albert Rusnak quote. “They know what’s going on, and I’m actually happy that I’m leaving.” Stop. Just stop.
  • Alfredo Ortuño just not playing — period. He’s not making the bench. He’s being over $1 million to... drive a car on the weekends and just generally have a good time. No. Stop that, too.
  • RSL being basically incapable on the road. We have the second-worst goal difference in the league. (Montreal has the worst. So weird.)

But here’s the thing. The Royals are doing well. The Monarchs are doing incredibly well. If something’s rotten, it’s not so broad that it’s crippling those teams. For that, I guess we can be grateful.

Anyway, why don’t you tell me what’s going on. I want to hear it from you.