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Royals FC Show (16) : Pricked by Thorns with Blue Skies Ahead (hopefully).

Lucas Muller

Hope you enjoyed the special three episode week last week. Back to normalcy a bit this week with only one episode.

In this one, as always we break down the match. The Royals didn’t have an incredibly poor performance, but they couldn’t finish their chances and got burned by Christine Sinclair early who nabbed her astounding sixth goal in only nine games. Gunny drew some fouls, bringing her total to the year to 29, and due to her hustle we all deem her to be our player of the match.

Up ahead this weekend, the Royals take on Sky Blue FC, a team who is still winless and at the bottom of the table with only one point. That said, only one of their losses has been by more than one goal. Expect it to be a trap game.

We close by answering a lot of questions, including the supposed “sideline sprinting fiasco.” We had some fantastic inquiries come in this week. Thanks to everyone who contributed to that, keep them coming.

We’re also looking for a few more people to talk to for our Faces of a Fanbase miniseries. If you happen to be a Royals fan out of state, are a younger soccer player and have been influenced by the presence of the franchise, or are a former KC Blue fan and can spare 10-15 minutes be sure to hit Wirtjo up on the twitters @wirtjogets2yell. You can hit up the rest of us at @RFCShow, @sirveaux24, @cinderL9, or use the hashtag #RFCShow on Twitter.