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Royals FC Show (18) : WORLD CUP HYPE!!!! Royals Trying for 2017, and NC Courage

We give our picks and predictions as well as look at how Royals players are doing in UEFA Qualifying.

Lucas Muller

Wow. What an episode this one is. It’s long. Sorry. Sorta, not really sorry. Wirtjo makes a full of himself a lot. It’s a funny one.

We talk about a lot of things, and we mean a lot. We start off with a quick RSL Women recap, then move on to why Christen Press may or may not be making her way to Utah, and end with a conversation between Cindy and her friend Aaron about the upcoming match against the best team in the league, the North Carolina Courage.

In between those, we spend the vast majority of podcast discussing all things international. We talk a bit about the hype for the World Cup which kicks off Thursday, whom we are rooting for, and who we think are going to ultimately win it all. Of more importance to our fanbase, we discuss the state of the 2019 Women’s World Cup in France and how the qualifiers look for our international players. So far, Elise Thorsnes, Rachel Corsie, and Gunny Jonsdottir could all still qualify with their respective teams, an astoundingly exciting prospect, we of course dive into a lot more specifics.

Lucas Muller, RSL Soapbox

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