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2018 World Cup Roundup, June 14: Russia vs. Saudi Arabia kicks things off

It’s just so exciting, except that the U.S. isn’t there.

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Soccer: World Cup - Practice Witters Sport-USA TODAY Sports

Nearly four years ago, I distinctly remember watching as Kyle Beckerman was dropped for an important match against Belgium. It wasn’t something I was particularly happy about, and I think it led to our demise.

And that’s really the last U.S.-related World Cup memory I have. I’m choosing to ignore certain things — Chris Wondolowski shanking his shot, for example; I’ve completely forgotten about that, wholly and utterly — so really, I’m sad we’re being forced to wait another four years.

Anyway, yeah. The World Cup. It’s here. Should it be in Russia? I really don’t think so. Thankfully, I’m not tasked with those decisions. But if I were, I’d have awarded it to a country — or group of countries — that hadn’t, you know, been caught doping on the international stage repeatedly. Or that maybe had one or two fewer human rights abuses. Or... yeah, you get the picture.

The soccer, though. It’I know it’s about the soccer, and that’s what I’m 100 percent here for, but it’s hard to feel completely clean about all this.

So without further ado, let’s kick off the World Cup!


9am, Russia vs. Saudi Arabia (Group A)

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