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URFC @ NC Courage, Player of the Match: Brittany Ratcliffe

Fear the bow, bow to the bow, love the bow.

Lucas Muller

Who else could it be other than the 24-year-old from New Jersey?

What a goal it was in the 94th minute to ruin North Carolina’s unbeaten streak. In doing so, Ratcliffe became the second Utah Royals player to score multiple goals, despite playing far less minutes than many of her peers. In 13 minutes alone, she not only grabbed a game-winning howler, she also made 3 tackles and had a high-passing percentage.

Other Contenders

Abby Smith - The Royals would have lost this game were it not for Smith’s four important saves, the most magnificent of which occurred in the 32nd minute.

Becky Sauerbrunn - The captain, as always, had a fantastic game commanding the backline. Leading the team in passing, she completed 82% of her attempts and made 5 tackles without conceding a single foul.

Katrina Gorry - While she did not have the best game in terms of passing, she was all over the field making 5 tackles.

Katie Bowen - Although having gone a while without starting, Katie Bowen stepped in and did a fantastic job playing at right back making 4 tackles, thus playing a crucial role in helping earn the shutout against the most offensively threatening team in the league.

The Crossbar - Thank you for saving us twice.