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Royals FC Show (19) : A Royal Press Announcement and Courage Recap

Lucas Muller

Silly season, silly season, we love silly season! Before we talk about silly season, we have to point out how ironic, yet awesome it is that three individuals whom support our show all happen to have birthdays on the same day, June 18. So, thanks so much to those folks and everyone else for all of their support.

The main attraction - silly season! We thought that it might be coming, we didn’t think that it would happen so quickly. A massive three-team trade has disrupted the NWSL. We express our excitement and our reservations about the deal, and more importantly detail what it is that Utah Royals FC fans can expect from Christen Press and Samantha Johnson (don’t sleep on her!)

We finish the show recapping the amazing goal Ratcliffe scored. Wow, what a goal that was, easily one of the highlights of the season as well as a quick preview of the game against the Chicago Red Stars.

* This is the first non-interview episode that we have kept under an hour. So you can’t give us a yellow card for time-wasting this time around.
* Note that the RFC Show does not endorse burning effigies regardless of what nonsense comes out of our mouths.