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RSL vs Seattle: What we learned

Nine from three—awesome!

MLS: Seattle Sounders at Real Salt Lake Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

What did we learn? It’s fun to win! It feels great to kick a team twice when they’re down. This was a great run for points. Keep us grinning, RSL. Keep us grinning.


This is an entire team finally coming together. Make no mistake: this is the whole team playing like it. Everything is starting to work from the coach down to those bench guys who don’t see too many match minutes, but are necessary pieces.

Momentum is on our side. If we can keep it up, keep this flow running, the rest of this season is going to be a blast!


Fitness and the amount of matches we’re facing before the FIFA break are forcing rotation in the squad. It’s something we need to continue despite our schedule. Keep these guys rotating. Keep them fresh, give them chances. Rotation is important and it has shown over the last three matches.

Lamar Hunt USOC?

What are we going to see on Wednesday? With our momentum, I really want a hard push for the Open Cup. Especially—especially!—because we’re facing Sporting KC at home for our first match. They’re playing well and they’ve won that thing a few times. Let’s snatch that from them this year. Take that chance away early. Get some hardware!


Albert Rusnák is leaving! Scramble, scream, squeal. We’re all going to die. But, wait. He didn’t play two of the last three and we did fine. It’s a business. He was never here forever. I honestly hope he stays here until the end of the season, but European leagues start after the summer transfer window, so maybe he does go sooner. Either way, it’s not a bad thing. We contributed to his development, and we should get a good chunk of cash for his sale. We’ll miss him, but we’ll be fine. Wish him the best.

I’m a bit angry at the TV production crew. We should always get to see the coaches meet up after the final whistle is blown. They took that from me tonight!

What the hell was with preventing Dempsey’s quick restart? I hate that crap. Saucedo and Kreilach both deserved a yellow there, maybe Glad, too. I get the tactical idea behind it, but they looked ridiculous. It needs to go. Let the game move. PRO is supposed to be cutting that garbage.