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Player Ratings: Utah Royals FC 0-2 Chicago Red Stars

Another loss to Chicago, with some less than stellar individual performances.

Lucas Muller - RSL Soapbox

Abby Smith - 4.5: Although she made a three good saves, she was caught out of position a number of times, and did give up two goals.

Katie Bowen - 5.5: Thought she looked pretty good despite the result. She made a few really clean tackles, and was able to hold possession better in the midfield than some of the other players.

Becky Sauerbrunn - 7: Easily my woman of the match for the night. She made two goal (or close to) line clearances, was pretty clean. She made a few bad clearances and a few missed marks but overall, really helped keep Utah from getting embarrassed.

Rachel Corsie - 5: I thought she had some moments tonight where she looked really good and others where she made some really bad decisions. There were a handful of times she got beat, but especially in the first half she looked sharp.

Rebecca Moros - 4.5: Her defending could have been better, there were a good amount of her marks that got away. Seemed to be just not quite tight enough to her marks to be good enough.

Desiree Scott - 6: Her first half was great. Scott was able to maintain possession and created multiple chances. In the second half there were a few times where she was missing marks, one of which almost cost URFC a goal.

Diana Matheson - 6.5: My second pick for woman of the match tonight. Thought throughout the entire match that she played she was keeping possession well, making clean tackles, and still having fun. Overall, wish we could’ve seen her close out the match.

Gunny Jonsdottir - 5: I didn’t feel like Gunny hardly even played this match. You weren’t hearing her name called too much, she didn’t really do anything bad but nothing was spectacular either.

Katrina Gorry - 6: In the first half she was getting a lot of looks that I thought maybe she could put away. The second half was a little rough, but she stayed calm and was still getting good tackles in and playing well.

Brittany Ratcliffe - 6: Again, her first half was great. There were a few looks that were really dangerous, one to Amy Rodriguez that was really nice. Her second half wasn’t quite as explosive but her marking was good and she got a few decent looks.

Amy Rodriguez - 5: Similarly to Gunny, I didn’t really even remember she was on the field for large portions. She wasn’t bad by any means, but she wasn’t spectacular like you want from your forwards.


Lo’eau Labonta - 5.5: She came on knowing she had about 15-20 minutes to get her team back, and although they still didn’t score she came on in a tough situation and made a few really important tackles and clearances.

Katie Stengel - 5.5: Similarly to Lo’eau, she was sent in to try and get a goal. She didn’t do that but she was really good in the air and was helpful in making the game not become 3-0 or worse.

Elise Thorsnes: N/A