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Player Ratings: URFC vs. Seattle Reign FC

Split points despite a lot of attacking power for Utah.

Lucas Muller - RSL Soapbox

Abby Smith - 6.5: Abby Smith had a relatively uneventful game besides her 3 saves for the 3 shots on goal. Her distribution was really good tonight, and she helped build out of the back really well. Overall, she earned a shutout, but it wasn’t a super hard shutout to earn.

Rebecca Moros - 6: Moros had a really solid night. There were a few missed passes that could’ve been dangerous, but overall, she was pretty solid. She helped to keep the shutout and created some good opportunities for the front line.

Rachel Corsie - 6.5: Time and time again, Corsie is consistent and solid on the backline. She was also a big part in keeping the shutout and made some really crucial tackles to keep Utah in the game.

Becky Sauerbrunn - 7: Every single time you watch Sauerbrunn play, you know what you’re going to get. She’s a brick wall on the back line, and she made crucial clearances and tackles, as well as winning free kicks for Utah. She had a really solid performance tonight.

Katie Bowen - 7.5: Bowen is one of those players that is just quietly doing her job great. She had 2 shots for the Royals, and she earned countless free kicks for them as well. She had a solid overall performance and was huge tonight for Utah.

Katrina Gorry - 6.5: What was impressive tonight from Gorry was her service in the box. She passed a lot of balls to Christen Press and Amy Rodriguez that were incredible. She almost had an assist too if it wasn’t for the heroics of Michelle Betos.

Gunny Jonsdottir - 6: Gunny was getting beat up tonight, and she was being fouled constantly and not able to really find her groove. It wasn’t a bad game by any means, but she just didn’t quite have that spark that we are used to seeing from her it seemed tonight.

Desiree Scott - 6.5: Scott is similar to Sauerbrunn in that she’s just one of the best and most consistent at her job. She is great at controlling the midfield and did that well tonight. She had a good amount of free kicks earned as well as helped on the defensive side.

Diana Matheson - 7: Part of this score is solely for the beautiful shot that hit the crossbar early on in the match. The other part of her score though is for her consistency. She had great service and was excellent with the ball at her feet tonight.

Amy Rodriguez - 6.5: Rodriguez had a pretty good night tonight. Working alongside Press, she made some great opportunities for herself but also for Christen. Typically, Amy is the one to score and tonight she tried to set up Christen and was very successful.

Christen Press - 8: Utah had 6 shots on goal, 4 of those came off the foot of Christen Press. She was on fire tonight and trying really hard to get Utah a goal. Despite this being her first match with the new team, she played like she’d been here all year.


Katie Stengel - 7: Stengel may not have gotten the start tonight, but she took advantage of every single second she got. She earned Utah multiple free kicks, almost assisted multiple shots that were saved, and more. She came out like the super sub she is tonight.

Erika Tymrak: N/A