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Ortuño out? Striker looks to be in Europe

Alfredo Ortuño’s time at Real Salt Lake might be coming to an unspectacular end.

MLS: Real Salt Lake at Toronto FC Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Alfredo Ortuño’s time at Real Salt Lake looks to be coming to the least surprising conclusion you’d expect.

The striker has posted multiple Instagram stories from Europe, including one labeled “Coffee time” posted from outside the Louvre Pyramid, likely at Le Café Richelieu, a coffee shop with mixed reviews on Google.

His latest photo appeared to be in an airport, though which one, I have no clue. (Do you know?)

At any rate, this is certainly a good development for Real Salt Lake. One would imagine he’s going back to Spain, where he has played his career pre-MLS. Any move would have to wait until the transfer window opens in whichever country he joins; Spain’s opens July 2.

It’s fairly remarkable that the Ortuño transfer went quite as badly as it did. He came in with a bit of hype about him, given he has some high-level experience, though perhaps our expectations should have been considerably tempered by the fact that he was registered at no fewer than 10 clubs in 10 years — though, to be fair to the forward, a majority of those moves saw him on loan.