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URFC vs. Sky Blue FC, Player of the Match: Gunnhildur Jónsdóttir

Seems like we’re finding a pattern here.

Cindy Lara - RSL Soapbox

Gunny had another solid performance. It started a near exact replica of the first goal scored in Utah Royals history. Both downward crosses put into the box touched into the back of the net. Both coming in from the side. Both in the third minute. Both were made possible by Gunny Jónsdóttir and Diana Matheson. Throughout the game, Gunny continued her trend of drawing multiple fouls and subsequently multiple free kick opportunities. Towards the end of the game, she made a pivotal ‘second assist’ which would, in turn, be deflected into an own goal allowing the Royals to leave with three points instead of just one.

Other Contenders

Diana Matheson - Like what seemed most of the players on the pitch, Diana seemed to have some tired legs and a relatively uneventful game outside of a beautiful strike to take the lead early in the game. By doing so, she because the first Utah Royals player to bag multiple goals on the season so far.

Katie Stengel - Stengel was by far the most exciting player on the night. She found herself in great spaces by splitting the defense, and in other positions found herself starting the attack. The biggest setback to her being able to score a goal was her inability to stay onside.