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In praise of Kyle Beckerman on his 300th RSL game

RSL’s captain remains the club’s most influential figure.

Real Salt Lake v Los Angeles Galaxy Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

When we executed a trade in 2007 for a mid-career Colorado Rapids player, there were some who were none too pleased with the development.

300 regular season MLS games later, it’s hard to imagine Real Salt Lake without its captain. Kyle Beckerman has been more than just an iron man: He’s been an ever-present in an era where two years at a single club is more than you can expect. He’s the face of Real Salt Lake.

It’s interesting that in his 12th season at Real Salt Lake, Beckerman is as important as he’s ever been. He’s still a player that starts when he’s fit, and that’s still easily most of the time.

Rather than wax poetic about Beckerman, though, let’s just watch some of his goals. It’s easy to forget that he’s an accomplished goalscorer in his own particular way.

A world-class volley

A screamer from distance

Perfect execution, broken down

And, of course, some non-goal things to watch

The Javi and Kyle Show