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Royals FC Show (17) : Faces of a Fanbase #1 and Week Recap

In this episode, Wirtjo does a quick recap of the week, and then includes two interviews with Britt and Josh.

Lucas Muller

This one is a little weird. Finding a time to all get together this week was challenging so Wirtjo did a quick 10 minute recap covering all things regarding the Royal Family this week. The most important part of the episode, however, is that it’s the very, very beginning of Faces of a Fanbase where we interview Royals Fans just like you.

In this one Wirtjo gets to talk to Brittany and Josh. Both of whom live on the East Coast but are avid royals fans nonetheless.

Brittany after driving 8 hours to North Carolina to see the Royals play
It’s a Royals v. Thorns Battle at Josh’s house.

We’re hoping to do a lot more of these so please reach out. This is especially true if you’re living out of the state, a former KC Blue fan, or have any other interesting connection to the Royals. If you can spare 10-15 minutes hit Wirtjo up on the twitters @wirtjogets2yell. You can hit up the rest of us at @RFCShow, @sirveaux24, @cinderL9, or use the hashtag #RFCShow on Twitter.