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Player Ratings: RSL 0-2 Sporting KC

Not a great result, but some young guys showed well.

MLS: U.S. Open Cup-Real Salt Lake vs Sporting KC Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Connor Sparrow - 5.5 Sparrow was hung out to dry a couple times and two goals found their way in the net. He came up big on a couple other opportunities, however.

Adam Henley - 3 It was not Henley’s night. He was in the mix on both KC goals. He did not follow his runner on one and got caught in an awkward position on the other.

David Horst - 5.5 Horst was a force out there, but the back line was not a cohesive unit.

Taylor Peay - 5 This was the first we’ve seen of Taylor in a competitive game and he did alright after coming back from injury. This was an acceptable performance based on that trajectory.

Aaron Herrera - 6 Herrera had some very good moments and seems to be making progress. He was in the attack a surprising amount, and he was pretty effective at that.

Andrew Brody - 6 Brody was gassed around the 60th minute, but to that point he put in a ton of work. He was one of the more energetic players on the field for RSL.

Nick Besler - 5 Besler did not have a huge effect on the game either way, but was decently reliable in the middle of the field.

Jose Hernandez - 4 Hernandez did a lot of running and was pesky for Kansas City, but his passing was off the mark quite a few times.

Pablo Ruiz - 5 Ruiz had some good ideas but was unable to connect with his teammates, probably because of their lack of playing time together.

Ricky Lopez-Espin - 4.5 That was a very, very quiet game from Lopez-Espin. Nothing very notable either way. He had a couple shots to his credit, but they were both well off the mark.

Luis Silva - 5.5 Silva did what he does well, which is to open up chances for the attackers. None of them ended up in the back of the net, obviously, but Silva did his part.


Brooks Lennon - 5.5 Brooks came on after the game was already out of reach, but he got forward a few times trying to come up with something.

Alfredo Ortuño - 5.5 Well, we finally saw Ortuño again. He had some lazy runs, but did manage to get a decent shot off which was one of RSL’s two shots on goal for the game. He got a full 12 minutes of time when the game was already over.