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RSL vs LA Galaxy: What we learned

Another cleated boot to our goal differential

MLS: Real Salt Lake at Los Angeles Galaxy Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Another tale of two halves. This game burns.

First Half

Possession was meaningful and well-executed. Our passing was sharp and we moved across the whole field, playing a strong game in the midfield third.

Our defense was outstanding. That Justen Glad isn’t in the USMNT pool is a travesty, but he’s got time to prove that he belongs there. Everyone was playing both sides of the ball and we did a great job holding LA back.

Second Half

Ouch. An ugly, disappointing half.

We started alright, but after the missed DOGSO call, Lletget’s exit, Bradford Jameson IV’s entrance, and the shift in LA’s tactical positioning, LA turned everything on. There was an almost palpable feel of distress for RSL as all of the energy and momentum shifted in LA’s favor.

LA might be struggling right now, but they have some of the best firepower in the league with Zlatan and Kamara. They’re both very experienced. You know they felt that momentum shift and made the most of it.

Those long diagonal balls that worked so well for us fell flat tonight. LA was prepared for them and they almost completely nullified their effectiveness.

What else?

Savarino and Saucedo played well on the wings tonight. The energy they bring and the effort they leave on the field each match is incredible. Remember how I complained about Savarino being too selfish and taking too many shots at the start of the season? Now I want him to take more shots. I’m never satisfied.

If Corey Baird can work on his touch—especially his first touch—he’ll be ridiculously more dangerous.

Glad’s save was a thing of magic.

Love that officiating! Word!


There is a secret cabal within PRO that consists of Ted Unkel and Allen Chapman. They’re dedicated to RSL’s demise. Who’s the hero we need? We must be calling on Rorschach from Watchmen to save us and he’ll “look down and whisper ‘no.’”

I hate losing again. I’m not resigned to it anymore. I expect this team to win.

I wish we could lure players of Zlatan’s caliber for the money we’re still paying Yura—or a striker of Kamara’s caliber for exactly what he’s making. I know some think it’s a front office thing or a scouting thing. It’s not. It’s a we-live-in-a-county-of-1-million-not-10-million thing. In Utah. Ask an international if they want to come to Utah. I’ll bet a common response is “where the hell is Utah?” But here’s hoping we move some players along and bring in some awesomeness this summer.