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Player Ratings: URFC 3-1 Sky Blue FC

Two Sten-goals & one imPRESSive goal.

Lucas Muller - RSL Soapbox

Abby Smith - 7: Abby didn’t have to necessarily make a ton of saves, with only 6 shots against her, but she did good when she was needed, which is all you need out of your goalkeeper.

Rebecca Moros - 7: Overall, a very solid game from her. She helped to hold Sky Blue to only one goal without getting carded or causing a lot of free kicks in dangerous positions.

Samantha Johnson - 7.5: This was her first ever start as a Royal, and it went great. She didn’t cause hardly any fouls and was really strong alongside Sauerbrunn. Overall, really excited to have her in the back.

Becky Sauerbrunn - 7.5: Every week I say it, and I’ll say it again this week, Becky is the most consistent center back in this league. She played great, very few errors, no dumb fouls, all around great.

Katie Bowen - 7: Katie was pretty solid tonight. She was able to get a shot on goal which helped the attack while also making sure her defensive duties were taken care of.

Desiree Scott - 7.5: Scott made a number of great passes in the midfield that let to some of the best chances going forward, what more can I say she’s a Canadian International for a reason.

Gunny Jonsdottir - 6.5: Gunny did good when on the ball tonight. She made a handful of fouls that did end up leading to free kicks, but when attacking, she was great.

Katrina Gorry - 8: Gorry was everywhere and then some tonight. With a ton of pace, she was able to not only get a shot but get an assist on one of the 3 goals tonight. She played a huge part in this win tonight, doing everything short of scoring herself.

Christen Press - 9: Another great night from Christen. With a goal and an assist, in addition to 4 shots, she was on fire once again. Christen adds a lot to the Royals game, and she just keeps proving that she is one of the best soccer players in the world.

Katie Stengel - 10:

Erika Tymrak - 7.5: Tymrak played a really great game tonight. She got two shots on goals. Unfortunately, she did concede an incredibly weak yellow. Overall though, really impressive performance from someone who isn’t a typical starter.


Elise Thorsnes - 6.5: Thorsnes did pretty good with the time she was given. She almost wasn’t able to find the rhythm of the game very well, but she made some clean passes and was able to come in and keep Sky Blue to just one goal.

Rachel Corsie - 7: It’s very strange to see Corsie come off the bench, but she too had a really solid performance. With very few defensive errors, she was able to get a solid 20 minutes in.

Sydney Miramontez - N/A