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Player Ratings: URFC 0-1 Seattle Reign

Another loss, but there were some improvements.

Lucas Muller - RSL Soapbox

Abby Smith- 4.5: She may not have had a ton to do, but when you only face one shot on goal and allow one goal, that isn’t great. Her distribution was pretty good tonight, however.

Katie Bowen- 5: There were a couple of mistakes Katie made, but I felt like she did alright today. She missed her marks a couple times, but she recovered pretty well.

Rachel Corsie- 5.5: This was a far better game than last week for Corsie. She wasn’t spectacular, but I think not having Becky Sauerbrunn played a big part in that. Could have been better, but also could have been worse.

Samantha Johnson- 5.5: Once again, I was really impressed with the grit Johnson showed. She didn’t quite get the job done tonight, but she played a very physical game that was fun to watch.

Rebecca Moros- 5: Her and the rest of the midfield just felt very flat tonight. They weren’t getting much defensive work done but also weren’t getting very good balls up top. There could’ve been much more effort put in.

Gunny Jonsdottir- 5.5: Her passion was starting to show up again tonight. I felt like the last couple games she hasn’t been able to find a grove, but tonight she got it back a little. She was still getting pretty beat up, but she was angry about it and wanted to do better.

Desiree Scott- 5: Desiree had some of the better service I felt tonight. Very little was going between the midfield and the frontline, but when it was it was likely her who was doing it.

Amy Rodriguez- 4.5: I was really hoping to see Amy score tonight. She’s only scored once this season, and I think she had some good looks tonight, and it was disappointing not to see even a shot on goal.

Lo’eau Labonta- 4: Lo’eau has been incredible off the bench lately. I thought with the start she would be able to do much more, but there just seemed like a disconnect between her, Christen Press, and Katie Stengel.

Christen Press- 6: Although we didn’t even get a shot on goal tonight, Christen impressed me. She was fighting to get a shot off, but anytime she’d get the ball, she’d instantly have two defenders on it and her teammates wouldn’t get open. I felt like she had the most desire tonight.

Katie Stengel- 5: Tonight wasn’t Katie’s best game. She usually is getting shots on shots on shots and today she got 1 shot and not even on frame. She definitely could’ve done better but was also doing really good at keeping the ball.


Katrina Gorry- 5: She didn’t really do anything bad. She won a few free kicks and was able to help Utah not go down another goal. I would’ve really liked her to score one for Utah, but she helped close out the match.

Brittany Ratcliffe: N/A

Erika Tymrak: N/A