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RSL vs Minnesota: What we learned

I hurt all over

MLS: Real Salt Lake at Minnesota United FC Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Weird Lineup Experiment

Still didn’t work. Kreilach’s got to finish those chances. Then it might work. But I’m meh on the idea.


We failed, once again, to recover from disappointment, until Plata came on the field. I’m glad that I can qualify this one with that “until” clause. It’s progress, I suppose. A shift in the players to put distance between our disappointment and the rest of the match. It almost worked tonight. Alas.

Both of Plata’s goals were grand. That second goal by Quintero was grander. Hate to admit how awesome that was. That has to contribute to the disappointment.

Our old guys are showing. There were some silly mistakes and poor decision from the elder end of RSL’s player spectrum. It’s definitely something we’re going to have to start thinking more about.

Now what?

There were some positives here. Namely, Plata. Plata was the positive. He can’t win a match by himself, though. The energy he supplied rejuvenated the squad.

We need this earlier. If that disappointment strikes (especially with a bit of controversy) something needs to be done to stave off despair. Tonight it was Plata. What happens in the future? What does this team need to do in these positions to salvage some points?

Tonight wasn’t a total loss. There are some lessons that can be taken from what happened. It just would have been nice to snag points from a Western Conference opponent.

Please, summer transfer window, be kind to us. We deserve it.


Mike Petke wasn’t mad at the game. His chair was just really uncomfortable. PRO promised him a new chair, but failed to deliver. It’s a reasonable response.

Why does Minnesota play on a field with a big W in the middle? That doesn’t make any sense to me.

I’ve already forgotten what an Ortuño with Alfredo is.