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Player Ratings: URFC 1-2 Orlando Pride

Utah falls short once again, but this time it’s not entirely their fault.

Lucas Muller - RSL Soapbox

Abby Smith- 4.5: Despite having to be subbed out early, this wasn’t a great game from Abby. There were multiple times where she was caught way out of place and one of them, nearly two, cost Utah.

Rebecca Moros- 5.5: Overall, tonight was a solid performance. She did great dealing with Orlando’s attackers. There was a handful of times I thought she could’ve made better choices, but overall, she did the best she could given the situation.

Rachel Corsie- 6: I thought Rachel had a really good game. Despite giving up a goal, she was really strong defensively. There were some key blocks she made to make saves as well as she made a lot of good passes that led to opportunities.

Katie Bowen- 6: Another player I thought had a really good game. She kept the ball well and worked tirelessly to help her team out the most she could. I would say it was one of her best performances.

Sydney Miramontez- 5.5: Overall, a really clean game. She didn’t necessarily do anything insane but she got what she needed done.

Desiree Scott- 6: I thought Desiree had a great game. She seemed to be everywhere. There were multiple times I saw her making full field runs just to help her team defend. She was on fire tonight.

Gunny Jonsdottir- 6.5: This wasn’t necessarily an incredible game for Gunny, but I felt like it was the first game for a few weeks where she was able to play as herself. She was making great passes, getting in good spots, and doing what we know she is capable of.

Diana Matheson- 6: Similarly to Desiree, she was just everywhere doing everything. She was able to get some good passes through to get good opportunities for the front line as well.

Christen Press- 6.5: Christen looked really dangerous tonight. I can’t tell you how many times I saw her beat 3-4 defenders and then get either a clean pass or a great look at goal.

Amy Rodriguez- 7: Amy had a goal and 4 shots tonight. This was the Amy we have been waiting for. Easily this was her best game in a while for Utah. I really was enjoying watching her attack Orlando’s backline.

Lo’eau Labonta- 5.5: I thought tonight was better from Lo, but I would’ve liked to see her get more involved with the attack. It almost felt like she was playing in the midfield rather than as a forward.


Katie Stengel- 6: Katie came and played with a lot of fire power. She wanted to score and put herself in a lot of great position to score.

Nicole Barnhart- 6.5: I have to give a lot of credit to Barnhart. She came in to a tough situation and instantly made a key save to keep her team in it. Subbing in as a goalkeeper is hard, but she did it and kept Utah from going down another goal.

Katrina Gorry: N/A