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Mike Petke’s post-match quotes about refereeing in RSL vs. Minnesota United

The coach just added another legendary press conference to his arsenal.

MLS: Real Salt Lake at Minnesota United FC Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Petke’s not happy about the state of refereeing in MLS. I don’t know that I blame him — can you?

I could leave all sorts of comments about this right here, but you know what? Mike Petke can speak for himself. Let’s talk in the comments about whether he’s right or wrong about all of this.

Let me tell you something, the conversations with the fourth official over the last four games was starting three games ago, Savarino is being targeted. You know what the fourth official tells me? “Yeah, I know, we talked about it. We’ve watched it, we’re good.” And continuous fouls, fouls, fouls, nothing.

But I don’t want to talk about the last four games though, I wanna talk about tonight. Because up until that point, we had more shots leading into the second half. We were blocked up, we were good at denying anything. It’s not good enough. The only thing I get from the MLS is, “stop criticizing the referees.” I want to know where the referees are at now?

Why can’t we ask the referees a question? Why can’t we do that? Why can’t we ask, “Why didn’t you go to VAR?” “Why, when the studs are coming up, do you just give a yellow card?”

That would make them more human. To the MLS, it would be better for the league. For the fans, for the owners, for the coaches, for the players, to hear from them. And hear their side of the story.

Perhaps, we say, OK, I see it, maybe it happened a little fast.

Maybe the guy in the booth, wherever the hell he is, watching this. You know, maybe he was watching the Simpsons at the same time, I don’t know. I have no idea, but it’s not good enough to me.

And I’ll take the fine. Jeff Agoos, fine me. Fine me. I don’t care anymore. You know, no other coach in this league steps up a little more than they should. I’m going to. Drain my bank account. I don’t give a shit anymore.