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Royals FC Show (25) : Interview with Brittany Ratcliffe

No better way to do episode 25 than by hearing from #25 herself.

Lucas Muller

Her name is fear because she destroys courage itself. Episode twenty-five brought number twenty-five, the one, the only Brittany Ratcliffe.

In this one Brittany talks with Wirtjo about the incredible story behind her renowned orange bow, growing up in New Jersey, and leaving the college classroom mid-presentation to find out that she was going pro. Brittany additionally gives further insight into the 101 about herself including favorite vacation spots, childhood idols, being new to Utah, life on off-days, killing courage, being reunited with her college teammate/newest royal Makenzy Doniak, and much more including a special message for fans at the end. Many thanks to the UVA alum and fan favorite for spending some time with us. It’s an episode you definitely don’t want to miss.

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