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Mike Petke suspended two games, fined $10,000 for post-game interview

RSL head coach Mike Petke was handed a two-game suspension and a hefty fine for heated comments he made after the last game against Minnesota United FC.

MLS: D.C. United at Real Salt Lake Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Just four days after one of the most epic rants in MLS history, wherein Mike Petke called out the referees for poor officiating, Petke revealed to Bill Riley on ESPN700 today that MLS has fined him a sum of $10,000 and suspended him for two games.

On Tuesday, Petke tweeted a confirmation that his bank account had certainly been drained, but didn’t disclose any details or further information.

Then today in an interview with ESPN700 host Bill Riley, Petke disclosed the information we were all waiting to hear. “It was a bit more than I expected; I got a two-game suspension and a $10,00 fine,” he said. “But, it is what it is, you know, I accept that.”

Taking it in stride, when Bill asked if he would seek an appeal for the suspension, he replied, “I’m not even sure of the appeal process, but to be quite honest with you, if there is an appeal process I will not appeal. You know, I’m not gonna hide behind anything and say ‘Oh, I don’t want to pay the consequence.” There is consequences from the league and I accept those, and like I said, I move on now.”

Petke had a similar situation last year that landed him in hot water with the league — I’m sure we all remember the “broken printer” rant — and MLS only handed him a $3,000 fine for that incident with no further suspension.

Assistant coach Freddy Juarez is expected to take the reins during the next two games, as Petke won’t be allowed back on the sidelines until the August 4th home match against the Chicago Fire.

Hear the full interview with Bill Riley on ESPN700’s website.