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Katie Stengel - URFC vs. SBFC, Player of the Game

Stengel scores a brace in the 3-1 victory.

Roscoe Myrick

On Saturday against Sky Blue FC, Katie Stengel made her 5th start for Utah Royals FC and played 83 minutes. It was a game in which Christen Press scored her first goal as a Utah Royal, but it was Stengel who scored a brace and became Utah’s leading goal scorer for the season with three goals.

Head coach Laura Harvey praised Stengel’s performance after the game:

“I thought the whole game, while she was on, she was very good. Christen and Amy are going to get their own limelight, and that’s how it is, but what Katie is doing really is anytime she is asked to play, whether it’s off the bench or subbed in, she has had impact. That’s what you want. She is different to both of them, she is a true target number nine, which I don’t think Christen or Amy would classify themselves as. She has had some games and this is one of them, but the target number nine can really help and benefit the players around her. Katie really enabled Christen and Erika to get into the game in the first half. For Katie, it was probably her best performance and she got her reward with the goals.”

Other Contenders

Christen Press - Press has really changed the dynamic of the offense. In just two games, the Royals offense is drastically different from the Royals offense the first 11 games. On Saturday, she began the scoring drive for the Royals in the 7th minute. Press finished the game with 4 shots, 1 on target, and assisted Stengel’s first goal.

Katrina Gorry- Gorry was a huge reason the Royals were able to break down the Sky Blue backline and build the attack. She led the team in passes (66) and touches (80). Gorry also assisted Stengel’s second goal.

Katie Bowen - Bowen has really come to impress as a defensive back, which is a position she plays on her national team with New Zealand. Bowen provided Utah an opportunity to build from the backline for the attack. The New Zealand international had a shot on goal as well and completed 88.9% of her passes in 90 minutes.