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Player Ratings: URFC 0-0 NC Courage

Utah Royals FC yet to lose to the leagues leaders.

Nikita Taparia

Nicole Barnhart- 7.5: For me, she was the woman of the match. Barnhart showed that she deserves to be starting with her performance from this game. She faced 21 shots and didn’t allow a single goal. She is a great shot stopper, with great distribution, and she showed us that tonight.

Rebecca Moros- 6: Moros did a lot offensively tonight. Normally, she doesn’t get forward a ton but tonight not only was her defensive side of things solid as a rock, but offensively she helped URFC to get some attacking firepower.

Samantha Johnson- 6.5: I know I say this every week, but Samantha Johnson is great. She’s done nothing but impress since she arrived here. She is strong on her backline and not afraid to get dirty. Another solid performance from her as well.

Katie Bowen- 6.5: Katie just keeps getting better and better as the games go on. She had a huge save tonight as well and helped a ton to keep North Carolina from capitalizing.

Rachel Corsie- 7: There’s a reason Corsie has over 100 caps with her national team and tonight was one of them. She’s incredibly smart when it comes to knowing where she needs to be. She’s almost never beaten one-on-one and is great at getting in attackers way.

Diana Matheson- 5.5: Tonight wasn’t Matheson’s game. She didn’t do anything really bad, but it seemed to me like she struggled a little bit to play the style she wanted to play. She was able to help out offensively, but not as much as I would’ve liked to see.

Desiree Scott- 6: Scott, too, had an alright game. She missed a handful of passes, but she was also playing a lot of good balls into the box. I would’ve just liked to see some more shots on goal from her tonight.

Gunny Jonsdottir- 6.5: I think Gunny wasn’t able to play her style tonight because of how closely she was being guarded. She still was able to help win good opportunities for URFC despite this.

Katie Stengel- 6.5: This wasn’t the two-goal Stengel we saw a few weeks ago, but it was still a pretty solid performance. She didn’t get as many shots off as I would’ve liked, but she was putting in a ton of effort. I think if she had had a little better service from the midfield, she could have easily put one in tonight.

Katrina Gorry- 6.5: Katrina played some really nice soccer tonight. Though she wasn’t the attacking firepower we needed, she was doing some good work as far as possession goes. She was holding the ball really well tonight.

Taylor Lytle- 6: Lyle quietly does her job, and she did that again tonight. She’s not doing anything insane, and she obviously didn’t score, but she got what she needed done. Her passing was pretty accurate, and she was able to keep it a draw.


Brittany Ratcliffe- 6: We all wanted Ratcliffe to be the super sub once more. She couldn’t make it happen, but when she subbed onto this game she definitely brought a spark. We were all hoping to see her score again, but she fell just short tonight.

Lo’eau Labonta- 5.5: Labonta wasn’t on her game tonight. She was struggling to keep the ball and a bunch of her passes resulted in turnovers. She made some good moves, but too many times she was risking counterattacks for URFC.

Erika Tymrak: N/A