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RSL vs Colorado: What we learned

We started strong but Colorado thundered into us

MLS: Colorado Rapids at Real Salt Lake Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

I’m pissed off at this one. What a crappy game. RSL wasted this match. Completely wasted it.

Everybody was kung-fu fighting

We controlled the beginning of this thing and the only response that Colorado had was to hack and chop at us.

Our midfield dominated. We ran all over the Rapids and easily needled our way through their defense. We dropped two goals on their heads and looked like we were going to cram a few more past Howard. It was some of the best soccer we’ve played.

It should have been a multi-goal win and a nice kick to our negative goal differential. Alas. Lightning struck.

That damn weather

We lost the match at the lightning delay. It stole our momentum and gave Colorado a chance to regroup and figure out a way to combat our attack.

It worked.

It’s that disappointment bug again. Toledo showed us that PRO are our overlords. Colorado turned on the jets and we couldn’t figure out what the hell to do about it. The connected way we started became a flustered spin around the pitch. We turned in circles and spun out of control.


We missed Mike Petke. A lot. Where Colorado adapted, made the right changes, and drove it home, RSL fell flat. We stagnated.

I firmly believe that Petke would have adapted. Maybe we don’t come about and crush Colorado, but maybe Silva comes on and blasts home a goal. Maybe.

Wake up

This is the call. We’ve dropped too many points over the past few games. We didn’t respect a floundering Colorado team enough. We lost control.

This draw feels like one of the worst losses this season. If there’s any team we shouldn’t have “lost” to at home this year, it’s Colorado.

Time to do better. Time to demonstrate more fortitude.

I’m cranky.


PRO has it out for RSL now. Challenge their authority, do we? Then we must watch as they strut their stuff all over our faces.

Does anyone remember Tony Beltran or Jordan Allen? They feel like long-lost footballers.

Are there any transfer rumors? Just crickets?