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Let’s Talk: Should RSL sell Joao Plata?

MLS: Colorado Rapids at Real Salt Lake Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Since joining Real Salt Lake in 2013, Joao Plata has been one of the team’s more influential figures.

He’s scored 43 goals and has 38 assists — it’s the sort of thing that puts him in hot contention for one of the best attackers at the club all-time. Realistically, if he remains at the club for two more years, he could end up as our most prolific goalscorer ever, should he have some very good seasons. (Alvaro Saborio, for comparison’s sake, sits at 63 regular season goals.)

It’s a little puzzling that rumors have abounded about Joao Plata moving clubs for the better part of three years. Some have said he’s a target for Mexican clubs, which seems like a natural step in the winger’s career — it could be his ticket back into CONCACAF Champions League, after all.

But this most recent rumor sees him as a target for an MLS trade, and that’s a little startling.

As you’d expect, reaction has been all over the board. It’s worth noting that MLS Transfers, while not a reliable account, is just repeating the words of Kristian Dyer from a New York Red Bulls broadcast. Dyer has tended to be reliable. He previously put voice to the rumor that RSL was interested in Cristobal Jorquera back in October, so it’s not like he’s without his sources at the club.

The big question I have for all of us: Should RSL sell Joao Plata — or, perhaps more acutely, should RSL consider trading Joao Plata?

So, tell us: What do you think? Give us your reasons. Let’s have a conversation about this one.