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RSL vs Sporting KC: What we learned

RSL left SKC seeing red

MLS: Sporting KC at Real Salt Lake Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

A gorgeous win against our organic rival. It started off with a sphincter-clenching goal by SKC. I sat back with a sigh and figured this match was going to deteriorate into another lackluster RSL performance.


As I’ve written after the past few matches, RSL has struggled with motivation when overcoming disappointment. When something does not go our way, the team falls apart and lets the opponent walk all across the top.

Not tonight.

Tonight, we were once again faced with a disappointing start as SKC scored first. RSL didn’t let it get to them, though, and we came out firing. It was awesome to witness and tonight RSL put out some of the best soccer we’ve seen all year. Against a rival.

More than that, not only did RSL not fall to disappointment, they pushed all of those negative emotions onto an ultimately-frazzled and flustered Sporting team. They fell apart and it was a beautiful thing to watch. Too bad they didn’t see three red cards.

A team

RSL is looking like a team playing as a unit. While there are still defensive mistakes to sort through, they’re to be expected with such a young backline.

The midfield got it done tonight. We’ve struggled there a lot, but tonight they linked up, communicated, and did what was necessary.

And every one of our attacking corps who saw the field tonight scored. If only that could happen every match. Even half that every match.

Everything’s coming up Milhouse.

Horror Trailer

What happens during this summer’s transfer window? Especially with Rusnák? Does this team move the right pieces to keep playing as a team? Are we able to overcome the potential loss of the best man we have on the pitch? What about a new striker? Give me the willies.


Nick Besler is a red card magnet! If we ever need a boost, send him out to put the other team down a man.

New goal: next SKC match, RSL needs to whittle them down to eight players.

An errant firework set my yard on fire during the final minutes of stoppage time, so that was fun. Everyone was just arguing with the ref, so I didn’t miss anything after hozing the blaze off. I dislike fireworks.