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Player Ratings: URFC 0-4 Portland Thorns

Overall, this wasn’t good.

Nikita Taparia

Abby Smith- 4: A goalkeeper getting 4 goals scored on her is never good, she saved just 2 of Portland’s 6 shots on goal.

Rebecca Moros- 4: She wasn’t really there tonight. There was a lot of disconnect along the backline that was why so many goals were conceded. There were a few missed marks and bad giveaways, just not good enough.

Becky Sauerbrunn- 4: This is one of Becky’s worst games that I can personally remember. It felt like she and Rachel Corsie were never on the same page.

Samantha Johnson- 4.5: Of the backline, she felt the most dominant to me. Especially in the first half she was very frustrated and tried to do what she could but despite this she wasn’t able to do enough.

Rachel Corsie- 3.5: Like Becky, just very off game and it seemed like they were having trouble communicating and following their marks.

Diana Matheson- 4.5: Despite the defensive issues, Diana did a little on the attack. She got one of our 3 shots on goal. However she did make a really bad tackle against Portland that could see some Disciplinary Committee punishment.

Gunny Jonsdottir- 4: In true Gunny fashion, she played her typical physical game, but she was nonexistent offensively. You need Gunny to get some shots off if you want to be successful.

Desiree Scott- 4.5: Desiree always does something right. She had an okay game, but it wasn’t what we know she’s capable of.

Katrina Gorry- 5: I think of everyone on the field, Katrina had the best game. Overall, it still wasn’t great but she played more like herself than the majority of the team did. So, she had the least off night in this very off night,

Christen Press- 4.5: Christen was still one of our more offensively present players for this game but she just didn’t have that finishing knack tonight. Off game for Christen, but she’ll be back on Wednesday.

Amy Rodriguez- 4: Amy was alright tonight, it almost felt to me like she was just really tired. Maybe it was being down 4-0 and not really getting a chance to attack, but she just wasn’t the same tonight.


Sydney Miramontez- 4: She obviously came on and helped us not to go down 5 or even 6 goals, which is what her job was. She helped the back line be less disastrous after she came on in the 75th minute.

Lo’eau Labonta- 4.5: I think Laura Harvey was hoping that Lo would be able to help us score at least, and although she didn’t do that she helped us maintain just the 4-0. It wasn’t pretty, but Lo helped.

Katie Stengel- 5: I would imagine if Katie didn’t play in the Sky Blue game she would’ve seen more minutes here, but I wish she had. She got one of our 3 shots on goal and I think if she had had more time in the game she would have been able to potentially score a goal and help Utah get at least a goal out of the game.