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Petke issued fine for violating suspension vs. Colorado Rapids

It’s unclear what happened, but it’s likely he entered the locker room.

MLS: Chicago Fire at Real Salt Lake Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Because Major League Soccer is, in some ways, as predictable as you can get, you just knew something like this would end up coming down the pipeline.

Real Salt Lake coach Mike Petke has been issued an undisclosed fine for violation of MLS’s Suspended Coach Policy, which prohibits coaches from entering the bench area, locker room, or field level.

It’s not clear which of those he violated, but given we know he didn’t enter the bench area or field level, given we probably would have seen him at the time unless he was sneaking around, it’s probably that he entered the locker room.

If that’s the rule, that’s probably justified. But one has to wonder: Did Petke know he was barred from doing whatever he did and do it anyway, hoping to either a) not get caught or b) not get punished, or perhaps c) eat the fine because it was worth it?

We probably won’t know, except this is Mike Petke we’re talking about. We’ll eagerly await tomorrow’s press conference.