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Player Ratings: URFC 0-1 Seattle Reign

Seattle got the best of us yet again.

Lucas Muller - RSL Soapbox

Abby Smith 6 Smith had a really solid day in goal. Despite letting in the one goal, she was really good at her distribution and her positioning was solid.

Katie Bowen 6 Bowen had a really solid night, considering this was the 3rd game in a week. She was able to really do a good job at almost completely nullifying a really strong Seattle attack.

Becca Moros 5.5 Tonight seemed a little off from Moros. Usually she’s very accurate in her passes and touches, something just seemed off tonight. She did, however, make everyone laugh thanks to this incredible flop.

Becky Sauerbrunn 6.5 Sauerbrunn is always good. She fought incredibly hard tonight and was a huge reason why this game was only 1-0 instead of 2 or 3.

Rachel Corsie 7 Despite playing 3 games in a week, Corsie still was unstoppable. She had so many clean tackles, clearances, and crosses in this one. After so many minutes this week, I expected her to slow down but she didn’t.

Diana Matheson 6 Matheson was really able to get into the attack today. She was able to get some shots off as well as some really clean crosses. Unfortunately, she was unable to find the back of the net.

Lo’eau Labonta 6.5 This was another really solid game from Labonta. She was playing a more physical style of soccer than we are used to seeing from her, but I liked it a lot. Her passes were clean, and she worked really hard.

Gunny Jonsdottir 6 This was one of Gunny’s better games of late. She was getting a little more freedom than she is used to which allowed her to be more creative offensively.

Katrina Gorry 5.5 Tonight wasn’t my favorite night from Gorry. I was hoping to see her more involved in the attack, but she just couldn’t quite seem to find the flow of the game.

Taylor Lytle 6 Her offensive work was pretty good tonight, but I would’ve liked to have seen her be more selfish with her shots. She gets into good opportunities but was struggling to pull the trigger.

Christen Press 7 Despite a few times where I thought maybe Press could’ve passed instead of shot, she was working like crazy tonight. You could feel her desire to get a goal and unfortunately she just couldn’t tonight.


Desiree Scott 6.5 When Scott came in the game, she really sured up the midfield. She wasn’t doing anything too crazy, but she was helping to keep possession and get clean opportunities.

Amy Rodriguez 6.5 Amy really wanted a goal tonight. She was playing with a fire I haven’t seen from many players but she wanted to make a difference for her team and get that tying goal.

Katie Stengel 6.5 I wish we could’ve had Stengel on the field longer. She had a great showing in her 20 minutes, and I wish she had gotten more time. She was incredibly strong offensively.