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Royals FC Show (30) : Contrary to the Message of Equality/Sky Blue Ownership

Feminism and Football

Lucas Muller

This could very well be the most important podcast we have done yet. We’re going to talk a little bit about the game this weekend, but a good portion of this podcast is going to be dedicated to a team that isn’t even our own. We’re going to talk about the Sky Blue ownership situation, sexism in women’s football, and our opposition to the announcement to cancel the Utah Royals FC broadcast program and what it implicates.

Buckle up.

At this time, we as a show would also like to share our endorsement of Cloud 9 and the attempts and desires for administrative change and more professional working conditions in New Jersey. Please share this one with friends and family, as well as folks around the league. It’s more than just Utah Royals FC.

FYI Sky Blue Folks, our analysis starts at around the 55th minute.

ALSO... Important Update. We’ll have our own soundcloud channel soon. So be sure to hit the subscribe button there and on iTunes when it’s up.