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Player Ratings: URFC 1-0 Washington Spirit

We won a game! We’re in fourth place now!

Nikita Taparia

Nicole Barnhart - 6.5 It wasn’t like Barnhart had all that much to do, but on those two shots she faced, Barnhart made the saves she needed. A shutout is always good for a goalkeeper.

Katie Bowen - 7 Her service on the corner kicks as well as her ability to help URFC maintain a shutout is why she gets high marks this week.

Rachel Corsie - 6.5 Other than the poorly timed tackle that earned her a yellow card, Corsie had a great night just like normal.

Becky Sauerbrunn - 7 Becky is just Becky. She made clean tackles, helped maintain a shutout, and overall is just great.

Becca Moros - 7 I’ve said it many times before but Moros is an incredible defender. She’s really getting more and more comfortable and showed that tonight.

Katie Stengel - 7.5 Katie not only got many shots tonight, but she also helped URFC earn dangerous free kicks.

Gunny Jonsdottir - 7.5 Gunny really had a game today. Washington wasn’t too close guarding her so she was able to play her best style of soccer. She really found her groove tonight.

Desiree Scott - 6 It’s not that Desiree really had a bad game, but she wasn’t as explosive as we’re used to. She typically gets more involved offensively and wasn’t able to do that tonight.

Taylor Lytle - 6.5 It was a pretty good night from Lytle. I would have liked to see her get more shots, but with the night Rodriguez and Stengel were having, it was hard to get touches on the ball.

Christen Press - 7 Christen was pretty good tonight. Despite the couple of goals that Christen may have scored, she still played really pretty soccer.

Amy Rodriguez - 8.5 Not only did Amy get the only goal for the day, but she has the most shots oand overall just played with the most heart. She was playing like it was the most important game of her life, and it was awesome.


Lo’eau Labonta - 6.5 Lo did a really great job at coming in this game and just closing it out. She was trying to help them score but really just helped them not to get scored on.

Diana Matheson - 7 Despite not getting a ton of minutes, she made an impact when she did come in. She came and played and tried to score for her team.

Kelley O’Hara - 7 She deserves a 10 just for coming back from her injury, but apparently I’m not supposed to just hand out 10’s. She came back, fresh off an injury, and did a great job at keeping her team on the right track.