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RSL Academy graduates roundup, Aug. 19–26

Let’s get collegiate.

In this crazy world we live in, it can be difficult to keep track of where Real Salt Lake’s academy graduates are playing these days.

Here’s our first stab at a true roundup of everything going on. If there’s something we’re missing, let us know in the comments. I’m sure there are players here and there who we haven’t included, and we’d like to be as thorough as possible.

Young Professionals

  • Sebastian Soto, Hannover 96 U-19s 0-2 Union Berlin II (Aug. 22): 90 minutes
    Hannover 96 U-19s 3-1 Niendorfer (Aug. 18): 86 minutes
  • Alex Vedamanikam, Eintracht Braunschweig II (U-23s) 0-4 HSC Hannover (Aug. 26): Did not play

Unattached ... for now

  • Taylor Booth (FC Bayern Munich): Technically unattached, probably will need to wait for 18th birthday
  • Richard Ledezma (PSV Eindhoven): Deal expected to be sealed on 18th birthday


  • Luis Barraza, Marquette 3-1 Valparaiso: 90 minutes, 3 saves
  • Erik Holt, UCLA 4-0 Costal Carolina: 90 minutes
  • Tate Schmitt, Louisville 2-1 St. Bonaventure: One assist, three shots, two on goal
  • Amar Sejdic, Maryland 0-2 Washington: 90 one minutes, two shots, one on goal


  • Paul Bin, Maryland 0-2 Washington: 90 minutes, one shot, yellow card
  • Alec Felix, Utah Valley 4-0 Evansville: 90 minutes, one shot
  • Damian German, San Diego State 1-1 San Francisco (Aug. 26): 83 minutes, one shot
    San Diego State 0-2 Santa Clara (Aug. 24), 44 minutes
  • Tanner Dieterich, Clemson 1-0 Omaha (Aug. 26): 90 minutes
    Clemson 0-2 Creighton (Aug. 24): 77 minutes
  • Alex Knox, UCLA 4-0 Costal Carolina: Substitute, 60 minutes
  • Miles Stray, San Diego State 1-1 San Francisco: 110 minutes
    San Diego State 0-2 Santa Clara, 67 minutes


  • Nick Barreiro, New Mexico 4-2 Seattle: 90 minutes
  • Kris Fourcand, Loyola Marymount 1-4 St. John’s (Aug. 26): 55 minutes, one shot
    Loyola Marymount 3-2 UC Riverside (Aug. 24): 26 minutes, one assist
  • Eric Iloski, UCLA 4-0 Costal Carolina: 75 minutes, one shot on goal
  • Milan Iloski, UCLA 4-0 Costal Carolina: Did not play


  • Diran Bebekian, UC Santa Barbara 2-0 St. John’s: Did not play
  • Leo Fuchs, Utah Valley 4-0 Evansville: 18 minutes
  • Jacob Jackson, Loyola Marymount 3-2 UC Riverside: Did not play
  • Glademir Mendoza, New Mexico: ACL tear, out for season
  • Sammy Tojaga, Akron 2-2 Butler: 90 minutes
  • Erik Virgen, New Mexico 4-2 Seattle: Substitute, 60 minutes, yellow card
  • Zahir Vasquez, Utah Valley 4-0 Evansville: Substitute, 55 minutes, one shot, one assist


  • Sebastien Des Pres: Released from Blackpool FC before Joey Barton’s arrival
  • Elijah Rice: The striker is no longer listed in the Washington roster. Let us know if you know where he’s landed.