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UPDATE: Royals FC Show - We’ve got our own stream now!

Same RFC Show, different RFC channel on SoundCloud

Roscoe Myrick

Exciting news everyone!

The Royals FC Show has its own SoundCloud stream now, separate from The RSL Show. We didn’t break up or get in a nasty fight, or anything like that. It’s just a cool way for us to offer listeners of both shows an easier way to find what they are looking for in a clear format. We think this is a good move for both shows, but we just wanted to give everyone the heads up on this because our shows are going to be appearing on the stream linked below from now on, and we don’t want anyone to miss an episode!

Also, another cool feature of having our own page dedicated to the podcast is that is has links to both our email address and our Twitter account, making it easier than ever to link directly to the ways you can get in contact with us for your thoughts on the show. We’ve got everything set up so that from now on, new episodes will come through the new stream, so jump over and make it one of your favorites so you always get updates when our new content hits the air.

Thanks to everyone for all the support and for listening to our show, and of course to our friends over at The RSL Show who help us make this all possible as we support Utah Royals FC!