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Royals FC Show (31) : World Cup Qualifiers, Moments of the Season

Lucas Muller

We found a new home! Thanks for following us here. In this one, we tackle the Utah Royals FC playoff scenario, which unfortunately doesn’t look too great. We need a Sky Blue win which would be unprecedented considering they have yet to get one through the entirety of the season so far. We also talk about the exciting international break and what games the girls in gold will be involved in. There’s a specific emphasis on on our players from Iceland, Scotland, and Norway in the UEFA qualifying. Also tangents, sorry there’s a lot of tangents.

We’re trying to put together some end of the year awards chosen by you the listeners for our players. Stay tuned! We’ll launch that Google form next week. Thanks for listening to the Royals FC Show and be sure to keep sharing with your friends and family.